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Moving Store is born

Posted by Susan Ramsay on

Hi All,

Over the years’ people have asked me how I came up with the concept of The Moving Store and Rent A Boxx.  My stock answers have been:

  1. I’m an air force brat and have moved all my life.  OR
  2. I was moving and was standing in the back of a garbage bin, behind a grocery store, pulling out flattened boxes with dead lettuce in them and thought….there had to be a better way.

These are the simplest answers, but as I packed up for another move in my life, I thought maybe there was more too it.  I began counting the number of times I have moved and surpassed 32.  I wondered if this had something to do with my destiny.  Maybe a very clear sign, in retrospect, that I was to develop an easier way for moving. 

My mother tells me we had moved four times before I was five.  If I average out the number of moves per year I have experienced it is about one move every three years, two to three times more than the average person.

I was born in Summerside, Price Edward Island, and left four years later, by train for Winnipeg, Manitoba, with my mother, younger sister and brother.  My father drove with a friend and had a serious accident en route.  He never really recovered from the head wound he received.

Sometimes I don’t think I remember much from my earlier years, but as I review my experience in Manitoba, I realize I learned many life lessons at each location or “posting”, as we called it in the armed forces.

  1. My mother was courageous.
  2. Do not put a bobby pin in the electric socket.
  3. What ether smells like.  (I had my tonsils out.)
  4. Where the Zoo was in Winnipeg.  The police were impressed with my ability at 5 years of age to direct them back to our home after I walked there on my own because I wanted to see the tigers.
  5. When a plane crashes at an air show there are no survivors.
  6. There is such a thing as a “dry cold”.

We left Winnipeg in 1956 for Clinton, Ontario.


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