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Condo/Home - 30 Boxes - 2 Weeks

Condo/Home - 30 Boxes - 2 Weeks

  • $210.00

Box Dimension - 22" x 18" x 13"

Ideal for an average 2-bedroom condo or small home, the rental package includes the following:

  • 30 Reusable Plastic Boxes  
  • 30 Labels 
  • In-Store-Package: Use this option if you want to come to our retail store.  This option saves you the price of pickup and delivery!!

Home-Delivery/Pick Up:  

 Use this option if you want us to deliver and pick up your boxes. Please call 416-789-4185 to confirm.

Please note: We must get your rental information before we can process your order! All rental packages will be delivered within 2 business days.

Local Delivery is Available for this Product

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